Friday, October 20, 2006

Arctic Mushroom Follow-up

The cloud photo in my previous post had piqued my interest in weather issues even more so since we've been getting weather that is just plain.....uh.....wierd lately. As you can see in that shot, we have very little snow which I find very strange. In addition, the bay here remains open water. (My journal entry for Oct. 15, 2005 reads "We now have a sheet of ice over the bay. Over the past 3-4 days it has really begun to thicken up...")

Anyhow, about that cloud. I was contacted by a meteorologist out of Edmonton who explained how such formations occur. When strong southerly winds, such as we had been getting for a good part of the week, hit the hillsides and "bounce" up, the cloud becomes saturated and cloud formations such as this one are formed. Meteorologists refer to them as "lenticular" clouds. When the winds "bounce" down, the result is a beautiful clear blue sky. Indeed the winds seemed to be bouncing all over the place that day and I am glad that they have finally died down.

As I was able to give him the time and date of when the picture was taken, the gentleman also e-mailed me a satellite shot of North Baffin which also showed some pretty interesting wave-like cloud formations.

Hopefully I will be able to post this satellite shot in the near future. I gave it the old college try tonight but my brain is too tired at the moment to pick a fight with my laptop.