Saturday, September 02, 2006

They Want Me To Stick Around For Awhile

One week of classes down and plenty to go. As expected it was a busy week, but a good week as far as first weeks back go. Much of it was spent catching up on summer events with colleagues and welcoming back the students, including all the new grade 10s. I'm also adjusting to teaching grade 9's again which I haven't done in about 5 years. (My assignment is at home. Can I go get it?....I lost my assignment....My assignment was in my binder but I lost my binder.....Do I need a pencil?....When does this class end?) Once I make a few adjustments to my teaching and remain calm I don't think I'll have too many troubles though. I was also able to sit down and start marking a batch of homework assignments I had handed out for the week. (Oh no....not one of THOSE teachers.)

So, it looks like things are settling down nicely with little of the chaos and disorganization I felt the school suffered from last year. I finally received my renewed teaching certificate which I had been waiting for since last spring. Apparently, according to the address on the nice little letter they sent me, both the school and myself are in Hall Beach. Aside from that, my certificate is valid until June of 2011 so I guess they want me to stick around for awhile.


Ida Allurut said...

We always need good teachers in Arctic Bay :) it's good that they want you around.

Treena said...

Hi there. I'm writing from Baker Lake. It's great to see the landscape in other areas of NU. Nice pictures - looks like a beautiful place.

Way Way Up said...

Thank you for your kind words, Ida. Arctic Bay is a very special place for me.

Treena, yes, Arctic Bay is a pretty community and I feel privileged to live and work here.