Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Deal Walmart Could Never Beat!

Nothing gets me out of the house faster than the chance to pick up some fresh arctic char. A colleague from the school called to let me know there was char down on the breakwater that some people from town had caught with nets. Better yet, they were free for the taking. There was quite a pile laid out on a tarp when I went down to investigate - at least 30-40 I'm sure. I had to go back to the house to pick up a garbage bag to carry them home and by the time I got back with a bag and my camera the pile was considerably smaller.

At any rate I picked up a couple decent sized ones and managed not to carve myself with my big cutting knife while cutting them up. I imagine down south two fish this size would cost a pretty penny. Yet here I can get them for free. Hah! Beat that Walmart!

Two new occupants for the freezer.

Apocalypse Now.......


Rósa Rut said...

Hi Darcy, my name is Rosa I'm Icelandic and live in Paris France studying indigenous rights towards images "taken" of/from them in the past and should with all right be returned. I would love to get into e'mail contact with you, my mail is ... hope to get a line from you so I can send you another back.

All the best and look forward to hear from you, Rósa