Friday, August 11, 2006

Return to Paradise

After a pleasant 6 weeks in sunny Ontario, I returned to the airport in Nanisivik to face a driving rain....but very invigorating. I'll still take that over the heat waves of Ontario.

I wasn't able to blog as much as I would have liked while I was "down South" but this is a Nunavut blog afterall. At any rate I was plenty busy. I saw my new nephew for the first. Only 2 months old and growing like a weed. I don't know how my sister manages with 2 boys now.

I actually moved twice this summer. After moving to my new place across town here back in June I arrived home just in time to help my parents move into a new house back in my home town. 21 years, 3 months and 16 days in our old house and a lot of memories. Also a lot of boxes to move. Mother Nature decided to throw a heat wave at us during the move. Luckily, we had many dear friends to help us out.

It was a bit sad leaving since I had basically grown up there. My parents 2 little dashunds have now become the new queens of the neighbourhood. The new house backs onto a wide open green space at the edge of town so I was able to get my nature fix with rabbits, foxes, finches, bluejays, doves and hummingbirds in the area. Our new neighbours tell us to mind the cat and the dogs as a coyote has been known to frequent backyards in the early hours. Also a number of little frogs which I kept having to rescue from the yard lest the dogs think of them as a snack.

I also drank some pretty good wine and underwent a root canal. (Not in that order though.) The only 2 things that came to mind when I was told I needed a root canal were that 1) only old people get them and 2) they hurt like hell. Fortunately, I was proven wrong on both counts.

I was also able to buy a pretty decent digital camera while I was down to London to visit a friend. So I'm hoping to be able to finally post some pictures on my blog once this weather clears up here and I figure out what I'm doing., what is this cord for?


J Consortium said...

Welcome back, Darcy! I was wondering if you had died or something by your total lack of posting.

Oh yeah...I'm Jaime and my husband and I just moved to Rankin on the first of August. We found your blog a few weeks before that. When were you in London? That's where Jeff and I were living before moving here. :)

Anyway, check out our blog sometime and keep up the posting!

Way Way Up said...

Hi Jaime....I was in London for the last week of July to visit a friend there. Been through there many times on my long drive down to Windsor for university.