Monday, August 14, 2006

New and Improved

The weather has been pretty dreary lately but I was able to get out and experiment with my new camera so that I could finally (FINALLY) post some pictures for my blog. I look forward to getting more pictures up, especially when the cloud leaves and I get more comfortable with the whole digital thing.

This sign sits atop one of the many large bluffs that surround the community.

This small structure was originally one of the out-buildings of the Hudson Bay Co. post - I believe it is the oldest structure in town.

This is a view out across the bay with Holy Cross Point in the background. The large building is the arena.

King George V Mountain, which dominates our view to the east - 1800 feet. It makes for a great hike with fantastic views.

A view of the town looking east.


J Consortium said...

Those are some nice photos. I like the one of the out-building. Do you know what they would have used the building for, exactly?

The scenery is so nice there, I would definitely like to see Arctic Bay myself some day. Right now I'm on a big Grise Fiord kick..I'm dying to go there!

P.S. It's been pretty cloudy here lately, too. Jeff says he thinks it's supposed to stay pretty much cloudy until November? Does that sound right? I have no idea.


Way Way Up said...

The building was part of the original Hudson's Bay Co. post as far as I know.

It's typically cloudy here in the fall too.

From what I've heard from the few people I've bumped into from there, Grise Fiord is a quiet and beautiful little place.