Monday, August 21, 2006

Getting Ready for Another School Year

The school is now a hive of activity as our staff is preparing for a new school year. It looks like this year our school will not need any new southern hires so there hasn't been a big classroom re-shuffling. A small workroom in the high school end has been become the new office for our Program Support Teacher and our one co-principal from last year has moved into a vacated classroom to teach grade 7. It was nice to have such a low turn-over this year. Not many schools in Nunavut (nor many of the other schools I have taught in) can boast of this.

I'm slowly getting myself back into teaching-mode and my regular routine once again.

I had planned on posting a few other pictures I had taken over the past couple of days (a coast guard vessel paid a short visit today) but I think I've used up my internet allotment for the month already so it's been a bit of a pain getting them uploaded to my blog. Anyhow, I'll take this as a sign that I should probably be getting out more and I will look to get a few more pictures up shortly.


Kara and Matt said...

Great new pics you have up! Hey, I need some advice, how to I add links to northern sites on my blogsite? I just cannot seem to figure it out!


Way Way Up said...

Hi need to get into the html and add them in....I'm not the most technological of people so it took me awhile to play around with things before I managed to get it to work.