Monday, August 14, 2006

A Classical Evening

I am finally able to delve back into my classical music tonight. 700 CDs can take up a lot of space and they were a real treat to move. I'm in serious need of some shelves. I sure miss them from my last place. Just before leaving last month my latest box set arrived and I now have time to enjoy them - the entire opus of Franz Schubert's lieder (songs). A crash course in German and a tad of Italian and I'd be set.

I was never really "into" vocal music until my teenage years when I heard a superb recording of Schubert's song "Die Erlkonig" (King of the Elves), based on the Goethe poem and sung by the great baritone Dietrich Fisher-Dieskau. If I was ever stuck on an island somewhere with only one Schubert song, this one would be it. I love how the piano perfectly imitates the feel of a galloping horse and the entire piece just has an enchanting, mythical quality to it, strongly evoking the feel of a forest. Maybe I just miss trees. I'm a long way from forests up here. At any rate, Schubert was just 18 when he wrote it and it has stood the test of time.

Time to get down to some serious listening now before I get too busy!


Martin Dinan said...

Nice pictures. Keep them coming. I love the landscape. I was in Arviat for work two weeks ago. It is completely different over there. No hills, all flat. Nice weather though.


Way Way Up said...

Arctic Bay truly is God's country.