Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Snow in July and Lead Boots

The weather was still pretty dreary yesterday and it didn't look too promising this morning either so the plane will try again tomorrow morning. There have been a few times this past year when we've gone small stretches without planes so, though a tad inconvenient, its nothing new to me. One transplanted Ontarian who has live here 20 years told me that the first year he was here 60% of scheduled flights were cancelled due to weather.

I can say yesterday that we did have a bit of snow, not that much, more like flurries. We did pick up a light dusting of snow on the slopes behind town. It was something unique to see in July. I knew it would only be a matter of time before I could say I've seen snow in every month of the year. And now I can.

I have to say I've really grown fond of Arctic Bay over the past year. It appears that Arctic Bay may have grown attached to me too since it's not letting go of me. I felt yesterday I must be wearing lead boots and living too close to the magnetic North Pole. Yeah that must be it.