Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Miracle!

I was finally able to fly out yesterday. The cloud had lifted just enough to allow the plane to land, the first one in over a week. Following a bit of confusion where First Air had my luggage going to Ottawa but me only going as far as Iqaluit, the trip went pretty smoothly. They held the plane for me in Iqaluit while I got the mess with my bags straightened out. Finally, I got to be one of those people...THOSE PEOPLE!.....that made everyone else wait. At any rate I'm sure I set a speed record for going through security screening at Iqaluit airport.

So now I am home to the heat and humidity, adjusting back to things. I plan to keep up my blog over the next 5-6 weeks that I am home and post as often as I am able to.
In the meantime, I relax, do some shopping, chuckle at the complexion of my pasty skin and enjoy some really nice red wines. Cheers!