Tuesday, July 04, 2006

And The Streak Comes To An End

I thought I may have been tempting fate for writing my last post and turns out I was right. One look out the window this morning told me no plane would be landing this morning. It looked promising for a plane last night but the cloud cover then became steadily thicker, obscuring my view of King George V Mountain on the other side of that bay. As if to hammer the point home, it began a sold rain shortly after my plane would have taken off.

So I sit and wait, listening to the rain outside. Well, I had a good streak going. This is the first time I've had a flight cancellation due to weather in almost 18 months, which is a pretty good run when I think about it. If Mother Nature wills it, I may get out on an evening flight.

I would have made it all the way back to Campbellford tonight to enjoy a nice Australian Shiraz. But I know I'll enjoy it now all the more once I do get there.