Saturday, June 03, 2006

Reflections on the Year

There is a definite feel of things winding down around the school now with only 4 school days left on the calendar. This is the time of year where I usually step back and reflect on the year that was - what worked? what didn't work? what can I as an educator do differently? The one thing I am aware of is that there are so many challenges in education in the territory that one person can not solve them all. I think this is one thing beginning teachers need to keep in mind as teaching here can be overwhelming to begin with. This is a realization that I wish had dawned on me in my first year of teaching in the Northwest Territories.

Having realized this now, I don't have the feeling of being totally overwhelmed with work which I had the past couple of years. Coming to Arctic Bay is easily the smartest decision of my professional life and one of top personal decisions I have made since my university days.

In some ways this year was the complete opposite of the past five. This has been the first year where most of my stress and aggravations came from adults and bureaucracy rather than from students. I am happy with how I have built up a good rapport with the majority with students and while I know you can never win them all over, having a solid teacher-student relationship makes things so much easier in the classroom.

Arctic Bay has given me the opportunity to get involved in the Army Cadet program and in-door soccer. It feels good to be known around town because of my person and not because of my job function. All in all, without getting too sentimental, I've really taken to the community and it just feels good to be here.


Uvannga said...

Glad to hear you like my home town :)
Here I am still getting use to living in Ottawa :)