Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I was relieved today to hear that the next round of Departmental Exams arrived at the school from Alberta. So I won't have the headaches and circus events that I had to put up with from last week. I also managed to get hold of the housing association in town here and nail down a moving date. This is a big relief as I wanted to get moved before I leave at the end of the month. Mother Nature is also cooperating and giving us some sunny weather too. I take a look at the beautiful June scenery out my livingroom window which reminds me of why am here. And I fall in love with this place all over again.

All I needed to complete the hat-trick of good luck would have been for the poor Oilers to have won the Cup last night. Alas it wasn't to be, though I am happy for Eric Staal - a good old Peterborough, Ontario boy.