Thursday, June 01, 2006

King George V

Ever since I arrived in Arctic Bay it had been a goal of mine to climb King George V. At around 1800 feet in height it dominates the landscape to the east of the community and I knew it provided from fantastic views. Today, I finally got my chance to have a go at it. A group of students from grades 6,7 and 8, along with a few high school students spent the day climbing to it summit.

The ascent was a good challenge and everyone made it to the top with little difficulty other than some wet feet. I thought I would be in more pain than I felt at the end since it had quite awhile since I had done something like. We hiked up the easterly side up a very steep and narrow valley to reach the top. I discovered very quickly that the snow running down the middle of this valley covered an intermittent stream. I didn't get too wet even though I did find myself in snow up past my knees at times (was today really the beginning of June?).

Despite the rolling banks of low cloud coming in from the north, the view from the top was quite the sight. We could clearly see Arctic Bay (the community) and Arctic Bay (the actual bay) well as Adams Sound and Victor Bay to the north. Uluksan peninsula on which Arctic Bay site stretched off into the foreseeable distance.

I felt fortunate to have been able to summit the mountain as I was pretty sure I may have to wait until after I returned in the fall to get my chance. All in all a great day and no aches or pains either for my efforts!