Monday, June 19, 2006

Just When You Think You Have It All Figured Out....

I had been debating with my self whether to blog about some of the craziness I've been dealing with lately. It all seems like fiction, which I suspect it would be in any other part of this country. However, this is Nunavut.

The story starts with a simple job ad for a co-principal position with teaching duties at my school. Actually, the job title morphed into an assistant principalship, but I'll get to that. Anyhow, I decided to put my resume for this administrative position. I figured I was a bit of a dark horse since I haven't been teaching that long. But I figured that with the high teacher turnover rates and my northern experience, I could at least get an interview. Of course this was back in late April. I'm still waiting for an interview.

It turns out that a great deal of confusion ensued between my employer and the local DEA over the exact title of this new position. (DEA - District Education Authority, essentially a group of local people serving as a liaison between the school and the community. They also have a say in hiring.) Anyhow, the DEA wanted a co-principal, while my employer wanted an assistant principal. It seems our other administrator was hired as a full-time principal. So the DEA eventually clued into the fact that by definition you can't have a principal and a co-principal.

I found this mildly amusing at first but it meant a delay while the matter was ground though between the union and the employer to discover that, yes, our principal really is a principal and not a co-principal. Of course if you hire a co-principal with teaching duties, it follows that our other administrator could also be assigned teaching duties which was not part of his original contract.

Ok, no problem. So our principal really is a principal and a second job ad comes out for an assistant principal. This was around the middle of last month. Once again I fire off a resume expressing interest since my first application was now void. (At least I assumed it was. No one from the board office in Pond Inlet returned my calls to clarify this for me.)

So no problems. Ad comes out, people apply, interview gets done and someone is hired. Simple. Not quite. Where it started to get goofy is that a there was one applicant applying without a Bachelor of Education and another that applied after the June 2 deadline. This touched off another storm because I found out these two applicants were being considered for an interview. Apparently, my B.Ed. makes me over-qualified for a principal position in Nunavut. Really, I swear I'm not making this up.

Then, a third job ad comes out, essentially the same as before except that it makes no mention of needing a B. Ed. let's see...why would my employer do this? Could it be we have applicants without a B.Ed. that someone (cough...DEA) wanted to be interviewed? Nah, that can't be it. That's just silly. When I contacted my union to find out why this third job ad came out, I was told - and this is where we go from farce to insanity - that during the second screening process, a grand total of ALL the candidates were screened out.

So at the moment, I'm in a strange limbo. No one has told me I'm not getting an interview, but to my knowledge no else has had one either. Once the position is filled the teaching duties part of the position can be worked out and we go from there to iron out the rest of our staffing issues. So while the higher-ups play games of politics and political correctness, the position remains unfilled which throws a wrench into all the other hiring for the school.

This is all becoming something of a long drawn-out soap opera. And just like a soap opera, its boring, needless and goes on forever.


Anonymous said...

It only happens in Nunavut.