Friday, June 16, 2006

Give Me a Break!

It turns out that invigilating the grade 12 English Departmental Exam was crazier than I had first thought. I had mentioned in previous posts how I spent several anxious days waiting for the exams to show up here from Alberta. My previous experiences with these exams had been pretty straight forward - exam shows up a few days before they are to be written, exams are written, exams are mailed off to the marking centre in Edmonton. Simple. True to bureaucratic form, for whatever reason, they were still not here Tuesday morning - the test date. I made several frustrating calls to some lady in Pangnirtung and apparently the exams, which were to be sent out from an office there, had not arrived. She, in turn, was trying to get in touch with Alberta Education. To complicate matters further, Alberta is two time zones behind us.

Some genius then decided to e-mail the exams to the school - to the principal who was due to fly out of here that morning. Now, I'm not sure how they expected me to access them off my principal's laptop. Fortunately, the plane he was due to fly out on, didn't make it in so I was able to get hold of him and get the exams down-loaded and photocopied. So, an exam that was supposed to begin promptly at 9am, finally got underway around 2pm. For some reason the exams were also faxed to the school later that afternoon which is really what should have been done in the first place.

I wasn't very impressed about this whole circus of events and doubly frustrated for the two girls writing the exam - especially as one had pulled an all-night study session in order to prepare for the big day. Raising graduation rates in Nunavut is challenging enough without this kind of nonsense. Anyhow, the departmental for my own grade 12 Social Studies course the following day went much smoother thank god.

......of course in 2 more weeks the second half of the exams for both of these course is to be written. Hopefully without an attached side-show.