Tuesday, June 13, 2006

And the Academy Award Goes to........

.....Italy at the FIFA World Cup! Seems every time a Ghanaian player so much as breathed on them during yesterday's match, an Italian player was writhing on the ground in pain. Other than that, it was a pretty good match. Hats off to Ghana for hanging in there. At the moment, I have the Brazil-Croatia match on the TV. I'm glad the World Cup is on now that I have the free time on my hands. Personally, I'm rooting for Croatia, my sentimental choice, since I dated a girl in university who was half Croatian. I recall them getting to the semis in '98 before bowing out to France. Realistically though, I think Brazil will take this game though. I'd like to think I may pick up some pointers for my own in-door soccer team I coach here though I know the two versions are vastly different from each other.

Tomorrow I'm into the school to oversee some grade 12 exams which come out of Alberta. (We follow the Alberta curriculum here in Nunavut....still!) These exams count for half a student's final grade. Of course, the exams haven't arrived yet in the mail. No problem, I was expecting them to be faxed to the school yesterday - haven't received them yet either. So I'll be up early tomorrow checking the fax machine and hoping there are no last minute glitches........and I thought my school year ended 5 days ago. No rest for the wicked.