Sunday, June 25, 2006

All Packed Up And Ready To Wait

This weekend I'm sitting in a nearly empty house save for all my boxes while I await the big move. I wasn't sure at first how I'd actually get everything up the hill and into the new unit so I've asked Adam, our local RCMP constable, for a hand. I just needed to wait through the weekend in case it was a busy one for him. We only have two RCMP members in the community, which means they are pretty much on-call 24/7. In my minds eye I wondered what it would be like if he got a call-out while in the middle of helping me. Any suspect would have to be pretty slow if Adam were to be chasing after him with all my junk in the back of the Jimmy.

So I'm down to the bare essentials now. Just my clothes, coffee maker, laptop and stereo. I've moved houses so many times now it feels like a hobby. I've also packed fairly quickly as I wanted to be out of my current place before I take off for the summer. If I break a few dishes in the meantime it won't be a tragedy since for some reason I have stacks of dishes - and for one person. But as long as my mass of CDs arrive safely I'll be a happy camper. It seems my old Venture stereo has nearly given up the ghost as only one of the 3 CD slots on the turn-table will play a CD. Finally I can get that big stereo and speaker system I've always dreamed of!

Any joking that I've done with my parents that they will never move out of the house I grew up in because of all the things they've accumulated over the past 20-plus years stopped this past week. I probably could go through a lot of boxes to see what could be tossed, sold or given away but it's something I've only made partial efforts at. I'm not sure why I have clothes I never wear or why I've got every pay stub I've collected over the past three years hidden away in a drawer, or 2 phones that don't even work anymore.

This has all led me to ponder on, and appreciate, the traditional simplicity of Inuit ways. Sometimes simple is better. I couldn't imagine carting all this stuff around with me a thousand years ago.