Wednesday, June 28, 2006

All Moved and Organized.......?

My move went off without a hitch earlier in the week. Adam and I moved everything over (minus a few small things I forgot about) in two trips with the RCMP truck. At the moment, the new place looks like a rummage sale going on with all the boxes everywhere. I'm sure I'll find a place for everything but the bulk of that task will happen after I return in August. For now, its just the essentials out.

One of the challenges of moving for me is that I can never remember sometimes which box I might have put something in. I've been keeping a paper journal for the past 4-and-a-half years but at the moment I haven't located it yet....although I know its hidden in this mess somewhere. At least it's not a wallet, keys or eating utensils.

The first phone call I got here was from News North, the territorial paper here in Nunavut, to get some feedback/thoughts on the Berger Report and the state of education here. I do hope I can grab a copy of it before I leave for summer vacation. We discussed the need for more school councilors to help keep students in school, consistent bilingual language instruction from K to 12 (long overdue)and attendance issues. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the article. I'm surprised they didn't track down someone with more teaching experience than me but then at the moment, I'm the only southern teacher still in town.

I was into the school this morning to oversee the second half of the departmental exams for both English and Social Studies. Thankfully, this was the multiple choice portion which tends to go a bit faster than the written portion, so I was all finished by lunch time.

So my professional responsibilities are all finished now. Feels like finishing a marathon. At any rate I can finally focus on booking my flight down to Ontario. Now if I can only figure out which box I packed the phone book in.........