Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Welcome to Arctic Bay, Toronto Exchange Group.....from the Blog Guy

About 6 weeks ago a group of students from the school traveled down to Toronto as part of a student exchange. Yesterday the Toronto group of students arrived in the community to complete the exchange. I found out today that the group had come across my humble blog while doing some pre-trip research and they have been reading up on it to get an idea of what to expect. As soon as I was introduced as "Darcy, the high school social studies teacher", a girl exclaimed "Hey you're the blog guy!" So it looks like I will pick up a nickname for this week.

While they are here, the group has plans to learn about the local culture, take an Inuktitut language lesson, climb King George V Mountain and participate in the community's fishing derby to be held the upcoming long weekend.

I think exchanges like this are wonderful opportunities to get to know different people and cultures. Afterall, we all bleed the same colour and we all must share this planet together. Sometimes you discover different people have more in common than you initially think.

Anyhow, as my students might say, "Darcy you're rambling....too many words."
Enjoy guys.