Sunday, May 14, 2006

Teacher's Revenge

I've certainly had my fair share of crazy encounters with parents over the years. I've found the majority to be productive, however as you might imagine, its the meetings with the most fireworks that stand out best in my mind. Sometimes parents are more than happy to come in to the school to resolve issues and sometimes not.
Usually when the latter happens, I find myself on the receiving end of quite a barrage. There was one time however, where the aftermath was just too funny to forget.

One time I had an irate father come in to the office who was a little upset that I had the audacity to suggest that if his daughter did not soon start completing assignments she would be in danger of not getting the credit for the course and would have to re-do it the following year. He also had it in his head that either I or my principal had made unflattering remarks to students in class. I found this revelation rather amusing actually. The man had obviously been drinking and just trying to understand what he was saying was a challenge.

I found out later that his wife, an employee at the school, had shown up late for work quite a few times and was getting docked pay because of it, so he had come in to blow off some steam. I think a record was set in that meeting for the number of times I was threatened to be fired, arrested, jailed etc.

By this time, I had taken as much verbal abuse as I could stand and suggested that the best way to get me fired would be to call the superintendent or the Education Minister - "So the superintendent's number, I believe, is posted up in the office. If you give me a minute, I can get the Education Minister's number. I'll have to look it up in the phone book." Alas, before he would accept my assistance toward my own professional demise, the man stormed out of the office, slamming the door behind him.

I figured that would be the end of it. He'd disappear and cool off and I wouldn't see him for a few days until the brouhaha had calmed down. The end of this tale had a little twist to it though. Later that night, I was over playing cards with some colleagues when the rang. It was the RCMP and they wished to speak to me. Would I be interested in coming over to the station to do a little guarding? (I had been working that year as a guard at the detachment, mostly as a back-up when the members could not get hold of anyone else.)

What the heck, I figured. The detachment is only across the road and I'm a pretty lousy card player anyhow. Now I relayed my little tale with the parent earlier in the evening to an amused and sympathetic audience and I recall someone asking me wouldn't it be funny if the person I was to guard was this same parent that I had had the encounter with. Well you guessed it. That's what happened. When the RCMP member told me the parent was comatose in the drunk tank I had to bite my lip to keep a straight face.

The shift went pretty smoothly as buddy boy slept his binge off the whole night through. I left the station the next morning with a smile on my face and the parent was none the wiser.