Monday, May 22, 2006

Sometimes You Wish You'd Just Stayed In Bed

This weekend certainly gave new meaning to the words "long weekend". It was very tough on me in many ways. There were times I will remember for many years to come and other times I'd sooner forget. I learned the importance of teamwork and what happens when you have people on your team that don't pull their own weight. Pulling a qamutik on a 160km round trip over rough ice and large cracks (a short trip by Inuit standards) is not something for the weak - this much I know. I believe that moments of adversity are the times when a person learns the most about him/herself and this definitely fit into that category.

We ended up bringing the kids back a day early as many from the Toronto group couldn't handle the situation. I am very proud of how a few of the local students handled themselves though. I learned a lot just from watching them and I know that having survived this test I will do well on future land trips. I'm sure if I can handle helping take care of 10-12 kids that a smaller group where everyone actually knows what they're doing will be less stressful.

Alas, my poor skidoo didn't survive the trip intact. Apparently a rope from a qamutik got wrapped around or stuck on the handle bar (I wasn't there to see it happen) and ripped it off. So, that was the last thing I really wanted to see when I got back to town. I know I muttered a few grey words under my breath as I walked off the ice. I'm not proud of that but that is what I did.

Earlier in the day today, I chatted with a local hunter who told me of being out on the ice and seeing a skidoo and fully-loaded qamutik crashing through straight to the bottom. So the sting of the weekend remains but I also understand that lost and damaged equipment is sometimes the price you pay.