Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Signs of Spring

Signs of spring are everywhere now inspite of the overcast skies and snow (yes snow) we've been getting the past couple days - mud, restless students, slowly dwindling attendance, mud, slushy sea ice and number of birds I haven't seen in months, mud. I even saw my first purple saxifrage this afternoon during a walk up around the surrounding hills. I've even seen a few things I did not expect to see at such a northerly latitude, including a spider, a caterpillar and even a bumble bee while I was out at the fishing derby. I saw something yesterday which instantly reminded me of small acorns which I remember from down in Ontario growing up - except these acorns looked a little different. Just as I was about to bend down to pick one for a closer inspection, a student dispelled my confusion. "Those aren't acorns. That's rabbit poop."

Growing up in a small town and spending my university years in a large city, I was largely divorced from the wonders of our natural world. Having the opportunity to experience nature, without the hand of man or silly romanticism, is one of my favorite things about Arctic Bay.