Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Movie Stars and Arctic Foxes

This morning I saw my first movie star in Nunavut - Neeve Irngaut, an Igloolik actor who played one of the main roles in "Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner". This movie, released back in 2001, gained international attention at the Cannes Film Festival (Camera D'or for Best First Feature Film) and put the fledgling Nunavut film industry firmly on the map.

She is in town with the Qikiqtani Inuit Association, which has been having meetings in our school gym this week. The QIA is one of a number of Inuit organizations which represents Inuit and strives to better their lives. Anyhow, I thought she looked familiar but I couldn't figure out why until a student cleared up my confusion by mentioning her work in the movie to me.

I also saw my first arctic fox while out skidooing after work. They are actually much smaller than foxes I'm used to seeing back home, but still plenty fast. I resisted the urge to chase after it on my skidoo for a closer look. The creature was simply going about its business and I was a loud enough interloper as it was.


The Fast Runner said...

HI from sunny and hot Ottawa,

My name is Joanasie Akumalik. I was born and raised in Arctic Bay. I was also the mayor there before being shipped to Iqaluit, then to Ottawa. I am working as a lobbyist for NTI, the umbrella organization of QIA.

My family and I have been living in Ottawa (uh, hmm Orleans - east side) for two years now. The thing that I did have a hard time was mowing the lawn but now I know how to take care of it (I hope). I read these northern blogs and I have often thought about creating a blog of my own, but from an Inuk living in Ottawa area perspective as some of these blogs are really reality checks for friends and others who come across these blogs.

I cannot imagine how I would try to explain how and when to mow the lawn to Inuit in the north. Its an experience.

The education system is a lot better here for my kids but we are atcutally fighting the government to get better education system in the north. I know that when I was the mayor in Arctic Bay, it would have cost about $500,000.00 to purchase up to date text books for all of the students at Inuujaq. And on top of that, there is no Inuktiut curriculum.

My sister is Peoyuq Enoogoo but I am adopted so my sister is Rebecca Akumalik, Mucktar one of the elders is my dad.

I do miss Arctic Bay, especially in December and June and partly Aug./Sept.

Anyway, I just wanted to establish this contact.

My job here in Ottawa is being a lobbyist, meaning that I spend a good deal of time at the parliament.

I will keep reading.