Friday, May 26, 2006

Ignorance, Stupidity and Superstition

As an educator I felt compelled to express my views regarding a recent story out of Nunavik (the northern region of Quebec). Seems a teacher there has received a reprimand for discussing the evil theory of evolution. Now, thankfully, this does not seem to have become an issue here in Nunavut (although I can see that it might, given the strength of right wing fanatical evangelicalism).

Now I could be wrong here, but I always felt that part of a well-rounded education was approaching the world with an open mind and challenging your beliefs by investigating other points of view. People may disagree with a certain view, but simply ignoring it or saying it should not be discussed in a classroom is nonsense. I say let evolution be investigated and taught. Right wing religious nuts seriously need to relax. If God is really all-powerful, I'm sure he can stand up for himself and doesn't need help.

In one of my grade 11 classes I spoke of the writer Voltaire who wrote that organized religion bred only ignorance, stupidity and superstition. Enough said.