Saturday, May 06, 2006

Gas Can Malfunction

We are now up to 24 hours of daylight here and it is difficult to stay inside after a long winter. A few students I talked to on Friday mentioned heading out on the land for hunting a fishing trips. How I'd love to join them if I weren't married to my job at the moment. I have been able to spend much of the past two days out on my skidoo however and I am definitely enjoy the long sunny days. Now is the time to get out and explore before all the snow melts off the roads.

While filling up my skidoo this afternoon, the nozzle came off my gerry can, spilling gas over both my skidoo and myself. After searching on the ground around my skidoo for the nozzle, I realized it had fallen into my fuel tank. I was told by an Inuit colleague (after a good chuckle) that this was no big deal. I will simply have to ride around and burn off the gas and then hopefully I will be able to fish the thing out. Funny how little events like this always decide to happen to your snowmobile shortly after you get finished making your last payment.