Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fishing Derby

The town will clear out over this long weekend as I expect many people will head out for the annual fishing derby. Most will head for Ikpikittuarjuk Bay, a few hours south of the community for a few days. I had been asked many times over the past couple weeks whether or not I was planning to go. I was expecting to spend a quiet weekend in town skidooing and working on a couple of courses at the school.

I was asked today if I wanted to head out with the Toronto exchange students to Ikpikittuarjuk as they needed one more skidoo to pull a qamutik. Would I be interested? Of course. A long skidoo trip like this is something I haven't yet had the opportunity to do so when asked I responded with a large smiling nod. I had been hoping to get down to Ikpikittuarjuk but at this time in the school year I figured I'd have to wait until next school year for my chance. A few colleagues from the school had traveled down there back in February for a winter camp during our school's Professional Improvement Week and thoroughly enjoyed it.

So I spent this afternoon getting ready. Luckily I don't have to worry much about food and fuel as this will be taken care of through the students' exchange program. I'll have an opportunity to use some of my camping gear which I haven't made much use of lately. In my enthusiastic state I pulled out my never-used flashlight and dashed off to the Northern Store where I bought 2 'C' batteries for a hefty $11.49. Of course when I got home the question dawned on me of why I would need a flashlight in 24 daylight. Now, where is that receipt for those batteries?