Wednesday, May 17, 2006

First Skidoo Rides

Today the visiting Toronto students spent some time out at Uluksan Point which lies at the mouth of Arctic Bay. It is a traditional camp site and contains the remnants of ancient Inuit dwellings. I volunteered to ferry a few students out there from town which was just fine with me since the kids were bringing along a qamutik (a traditional Inuit sled) and I had never pulled one behind my skidoo before. So off we went bumping along the sea ice. Out at the point, the students had pitched a couple tents and were enjoying the wonderful blue sky and warm weather.....I'm tempted to use the word "hot" here. I joined the group for a little while before I had to head back to the school. Many of the Toronto kids had never been on a snowmobile or a qamutik before and our students spent a great deal of their time there taking their twins out for short skidoo rides. A few of the Toronto kids asked me where my helmet was since they needed to wear one before getting on a skidoo for safety reasons. They seemed a bit surprised when I told them I didn't own one. I remember when I first came north I found it a bit strange that people drove around without a helmet. Now that I'm in Rome ........... Of course the way I drive at times perhaps the kids were on to something.