Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The End is Near

Slowly, incrementally, it seems like the school year is winding down here. It's been pretty quiet around the high school end especially as many students are still down in Iglulik for the dog team races. I heard today that there has been a winner, a man from Iglulik, though I don't know any more details. Unlike racers from other communities, he won't have to worry about getting his team home from there.

Exams are also just around the corner, adding the feeling of finishing up. Both my roommates are moving out at the end of the school year so it looks as though I will have a nice 3 bedroom house to myself for the fall. I count myself fortunate to have the extra space as I know not many families in town can say that. I reminded myself of this fact earlier in the day as I began worrying about the extra rent costs. Hey there, you've got it pretty good.