Monday, May 08, 2006


D-Day has now come and gone for applying for the co-principal position here at the school. I was expecting to hear back today regarding a hoped-for interview but a last glitch (which I probably shouldn't mention) has stretched the waiting out a bit longer. At any rate, teaching has turned me into a (reasonably) patient man so I will take it all in stride. I'm pretty confident of at least getting an interview at this point which was my original goal, so anything else I'll count as a bonus. (Afterall, I would only have 6 years of classroom teaching under my belt heading into this position.)

Crunch time with year-end review and exams right around the corner next week. At our school here, we offer these Career and Technology Studies courses (using the Alberta high school curriculum) which are basically one-credit mini-courses of which students need 5 to graduate. Because we have only 3 full-time high school teachers here, we finish up with exams a bit earlier and then offer these little courses. (Fitting these in to the regular schedule is a scheduling head-ache and then of course finding the actual curriculum resources for these courses is another headache).

Anyhow, I had to pick a couple of options to offer and I've decided to do some music with my trumpet and some work outside with GPS. I'm hoping to perhaps do some treasure hunting or some geo-caching so it looks like I will have to brush up on my navigational skills this coming week.


Clare said...

What! No Blogging 101??