Sunday, April 30, 2006

Two Frying Pans

We don't usually experience foul winter weather here in Arctic Bay. As the community is surrounded on three sides by some rather large hills, we are generally spared the worst of winter's furies. Last evening proved an exception, with pretty stiff winds. I checked the Environment Canada website which reported a 30km/hr wind, though it seemed much stronger than that. Apparently, we get are strongest winds here in the springtime and the fall.

I could hear the wind howling around the house last night and again this morning after I awoke. In the past I've gauged wind speed by watching phone wires and the flag at the RCMP detachment at the bottom of the hill. Today I had a new measure by which to "guesstimate" wind speed. This morning the roads were scoured of snow and a few curious objects lay helter-skelter down the hill from my house. Among them 2 large gerry cans (which were quickly retrieved by their owners), a cardboard box, a yellow plastic container and two frying pans(!)

I'm sure the last items there were blown off a neighbours qamutik (wooden sled) but it made for a curious sight.