Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Off to the Races

Spring is definitely in the air. This week a number of people from Pond Inlet and Igloolik are in town for the sled dog races from Arctic Bay down to Igloolik. Yesterday there were games down on the ice off the breakwater and all this week there are dances scheduled to the wee hours of the morning. So the school can expect a lot of sleepy students in the morning.

We are getting very close to having 24 hour daylight which I still have difficulty adjusting to, even after 3 years of it. If it wasn't for my watch, I'd have little sense of the time of day. Fortunately, I quickly learned to cover my bedroom window with tinfoil which, with the door closed, gives a feeling of darkness for a good "nights" sleep.

A colleague mentioned to me today that there are only 37 school days left in the school year....wow only 37.....where does the time go?