Monday, April 24, 2006

More Gems for My Collection

Usually I don't get too excited about mail since it's mostly bills and fliers. Today, however, I received a long awaited for parcel. I had ordered a CD set of the complete works of W.A. Mozart which I can now add to my growing collection. I started ordering CDs last year as I've been a connoisseur of classical musical, having studied it in my university days. Not only do appreciate the relaxation it provides, it also helps me occupy my time during the dark, cold winters when I'm not busy with preparing for classes. A nice glass of Cabernet Franc and I'd be all set.
Over time my collection has grown to well over 600 the point where I sometimes feel they rent my house and not vice versa.

I cringe at the thought of how I'd ever have to move them. Getting them all the way up to Arctic Bay was not an easy task but I managed to get them all here without damaging any of them. I've told my parents I'll finally settle down when one of two things happen - 1. I get hitched or 2. my collection just becomes too cumbersome to cart around the arctic. At the moment, its looking as though the latter option may happen quite soon. While I've heard quite a bit of what's out there over the years, I know I it's humanly impossible to year it all, thought that doesn't stop me from trying. I slowly worked through the entire opus of J.S. Bach in 2-3 months. The last big collection I finished shortly after Christmas was the 555 (count 'em)Scarlatti keyboard sonatas. My personal favourite was K545, which was a gem.....frenetic and virtuosic. It just took listening to 544 of these pieces before I found it...but still worth the trouble.

I don't know which is crazier.......recording all 555 of these pieces or actually listening to them all in one shot. At any rate, I think I can safely say I own the largest classical music collection north of the Arctic Circle (someone call Guinness......or a psychiatrist).


Clare said...

No doubt that is the largest classical collection north of 60, although I might give you a run for your money on total music. At last count it was over 550 CD's, another 300 vinyl, 80 or so cassettes, but only a dozen or so MP3 collections. I imagine Townie Bastard has quite a collection also.

towniebastard said...

One of the concessions I made before moving north was that the CDs had to go. There were simply too many of them (300+) and they took up too much space and weight in an already overstacked sealift.

It took a couple of weeks, on and off, but most of it now sits snugly on my iPod. My 20 gig iPod is now topped up (I can maybe squeeze another 20-30 songs in it) and I have 3,663 songs on it.

I have no idea how many albums that is, but if you pick a simple average of 12 songs per record it works out to 305.

Once the next generation of iPods comes out later this year I'm getting an upgrade to a 60 gig.

Really, if you have that much music, and it's taking up that much space, then you might want to consider it. If you're a huge audiophile then you're going to have gripes about sound quality. But for most people it's a very handy little gadget.

Also very popular in Iqaluit. I've seen dozens of the tell tale white headphones around town.