Thursday, April 13, 2006

Long Weekend

Well, after my rant the other night, perhaps it is good we have the Easter long weekend upon us. I'm looking forward to getting outside and making use of my skidoo and my camera.

I'm hoping to do some land trips with some of the high school students later on in May. The students will be able to use these outings to pick up additional high school credits. With this in mind, I went out down Adams Sound a few miles to scout out possible camp sites. We found a good one 12-15 miles down the fiord so slowly we are starting to make some plans. The past few years spring camp was handled by the teacher whom I replaced last fall. I was hesitant to take it on at first as I only had rudimentary outdoors skills but it amazing how fast my old training from the reserves and army cadets comes back when you need it. At any rate I'm now looking forward to it very much indeed.

I'm hoping we have good weather for it. Arctic Bay hasn't seen much in the way of strong winds the past few months but yesterday was an exception. It was hard for me at first to gauge the strength of the wind by simply looking out a window. In the past I've always looked at how much the trees were moving to get an idea of conditions. In a land of no trees this becomes a little more difficult to do without actually going outside. Flags and telephone wires make decent subtitutes in town. It is an awesome experience to live in a place where Mother Nature is such a force.