Friday, April 21, 2006

Future Plans

Sunrise today - 4:30am.......Sunset time - 10:49pm. The amount of light we are getting at the moment is almost to the point where it seems one long continuous day that will last several weeks.

I have decided to take the plunge and apply for a summer course in Cambridge Bay in July. The course is called the Educational Leadership Program, a professional development course for Nunavut school administrators. It is a required course for all Nunavut principals but open to any interested teachers as well. I had applied for the first phase of this course last year and had been accepted, but since I was anxious to return to Ontario to see my family and I was transferring to Arctic Bay at the time, I decided to put it on hold. I've spent several days trying to get a superintendent's signature on my application form - a fairly simple procedure I thought. After several cracks at the fax machine my application finally made it over to Pond Inlet. The signed form was sent back to the Arctic Bay nursing station for some reason but eventually found its way into my hands whereupon it was placed in another envelope and mailed down to Pangnirtung, hopefully its final destination.

I found out earlier in the week that there will be a co-principal position available at the school here for next year so I've decided to apply for it. My only apprehension is that I may be a little short on teaching experience and there are days when I'd much rather be in the classroom dealing with students than dealing with adults. But, this is a goal I've held since teachers college and now an opportunity has come up.

I can't very well try to impress on my students the importance of setting goals and following up on them even though they may feel they have a large mountain to climb when I don't walk the walk myself.