Saturday, April 29, 2006

Can Someone Please do Some Research Here?!

I came across an interesting news article from Nunatsiaq News this afternoon while making the daily news rounds. It really had me shaking my head.

I really wish people would get their facts straight and do some research before they write and publish silly drivel such as this. Before coming I came to Nunavut, what I didn't know about here could have filled a small library. So I decided to read up on things I find out as much as I can. Surely, if one person can do this then a major publishing company, having many more resources at it disposal than I, should be able to do the same. Scholastic Inc., a major supplier of textbooks and educational materials across Canada and the US, should know better.

Predictably, the authors of this literary trainwreck have never been to Nunavut. It leaves me to wonder how many school children in the South will be influenced by this nonsense. Yes, some may argue this is only a simplistic children's book but all propaganda must start somewhere.

So the authors have written books entitled "Do Whales Have Belly Buttons?" and "Can It Rain Cats and Dogs?" To this I would suggest the title "Do Animal Huggers Have Common Sense?"