Thursday, April 20, 2006

Arctic Goings-On

The Nunavut Quest dog race got its start today under fairly clear skies. A number of teams will race down to Igloolik for the $10 000 grand prize. School was let out in the afternoon so students could see the racers off. It seemed most of the community had come down onto the ice to see the teams off. I spent much of the afternoon zipping around on my skidoo with my camera, and carefully watching for doggie land mines as I walked between the teams. (We're talking a lot of dogs here) At any rate it was a good social event for the community. I had heard talk about this race ever since I arrived here back in July so it was nice to finally see the big day come. I was pleasantly reminded of how small Nunavut can be at times as I bumped into a few kids from Pond Inlet and Hall Beach that I had met at an in-door soccer tournament in Iqaluit back in November.

One thing that I am very proud of at the moment is that 3 young army cadets here have recently received their National Star. This is the highest level a cadet can attain. I am very proud of all of them, especially as I have the privilege to teach these young men this semester. What makes their accomplishments even more outstanding is the fact that only 5 cadets in the entire northern region passed the series of tests and 3 of them are from Arctic Bay. Arctic Bay's cadet corps now boasts a total of 4 cadets with their national star - more than all the other cadet corps in the northern region COMBINED.


Uvannga said...

Wow that's great. Congrat's to Arctic Bay Cadets. I hope you will post some pictures of Qimuksiqtiit, Dog Racers.