Monday, March 27, 2006

A Tingle in Your Ear.....ain't always a good thing

I took advantage of the bright sunny weather over the weekend to do some exploring around the local area. I had a student along with me as we headed out. ( I owed him big time as he had helped me change some rather fouled up spark plugs) He was a great guide and together we went out to the mouth of Adam Sound where I was shown some places where local hunters regularly go in search of seals. From there I could gaze across at the majestic cliffs across Admiralty Sound. I've been told it takes roughly 3 hours to get to these cliffs. It's a journey I'd dearly love to take. However, I lacked both the gas and the guts to travel out that far without a support party.

I spent the rest of the afternoon speeding around Victor Bay which is just a few kilometers north of town. The drifting snow and bumps along the ice brought out the kid in me and I went speeding, skipping and jumping along the bay for quite a distance.

I let my enthusiasm get the better of me....perhaps it was due to spending such a large part of my time in-doors through the dark season. I should have known to head for home and get warmed up. At any rate, once my ears began to sting a little I didn't think too much of it....afterall I've had frosbite before on my beak, never on my ears.

When I got home I beheld my left ear which had swollen to elephantine proportions due to the cold. Luckily, it looks better to day. I spent the day telling students my ear had swollen up because of all those times my mother would take me by the ear when I misbehaved as a child. Of course, they saw through my tall tale right away. But I was left with a good chuckle and a healthy respect for the effects of wind on human flesh.