Saturday, March 25, 2006

Take-Out in a Small Town

Sometimes I can forget how different my life in the high arctic is from back in Ontario simply because I'm slowly becoming accustomed to my new reality here. But sometimes life here is just like down South. For example, last night I had my first take-out north of the Arctic Circle.

Not from a restaurant but just as good. A group of students from the school are leaving Arctic Bay for an exchange trip to Toronto next week. In order to raise money, one student decided to make up batches of homefries and chicken to sell. For an extra couple of bucks, it was even delivered right to my door.......via snowmobile naturally. This suited me perfectly as I am a reluctant cook. At any rate, I thought the student's idea was novel and I wanted to help out.

So chicken and fries it was....just as good as any restaurant.