Thursday, March 23, 2006

Kids and Moustaches

This afternoon I had a break from my regular teaching routine so that we could hand out report cards and have our parent-teacher interviews. I feel fortunate that I have a good rapport with most of my regular attenders so meeting parents is a good opportunity to let them know how their student is doing.

While I was getting some water at the fountain a small group of primary kids had come up to me, giggling and pointing out my moustache which I have begun to cultivate. They all wanted to touch it and asked me why I had it. One of them gestured that I should grab it and rip it off. The looks on their little faces was priceless and brought a smile to my face. The little ones can be very inquisitive at times. "Nauktaima umiqtit?"** Where's your moustache? I asked one little girl, to a chorus of giggles.

At one point last year I had both a moustache and a goatee. My way of feeling cool and rebellious. However, I got rid of it as the frost build up in cold weather got to be annoying after awhile. Also, cluts that I am, I kept getting my goatee caught in the zipper of my big parka!

**While I am slowly learning Inuktitut, I can hardly claim fluency. Inuktitut was an oral language with no written alphabet until quite recently. Spelling in Inuktitut was often done according to how the words sounded and is not standardized. Therefore, my sincere apologizes to my Inuit friends if I screwed this one up. :)