Friday, March 24, 2006

Hey Paul and Heather.....I Eat Seal!

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills' recent appearance on the news crouched by a baby seal pup has stirred a great deal of discussion and concern recently. I for one found their comments on CNN quite ridicuous and mis-informed. Heather Mills was quoted as saying, "People don't eat seals, and they use it for fashion." Her comments would be laughable were it not for the devastating impact that a ban on seal hunting would have on the local and territorial economy.

Well, Heather, guess what? I eat seal, my next door neighbours eat seal and a large portion of Nunavut eats seals. Such comments only show ignorance. Inuit have harvested seals looong before you showed up. I can guarantee you that I don't wear seal skins mitts for fashion. I wear them because they are incomparably better than any pair of commercially produced mitts I have ever owned.

Seriously, why don't people like this ever come to a place like Arctic Bay with cameras in tow? The answer is quite simple. People such as the McCartney's are ignorant media hounds who are only interested in drawing attention to themselves. Please get a life McCartney and Mills and let people here lead there own!