Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Confession

With luck I will be able to post some pictures (hopefully by this weekend with the help of my more technologically advanced housemate). In the meantime, I am basking under a pleasant -20C. At the moment I am house-sitting and looking after a dog. So I get a pretty good idea of what the temperature is like in the morning by how long the dog stays out before scratching at the door.

In many ways my day is just like anywhere else....I get up, I go to work, I shop at our two local stores, I collect my bills, I grit my teeth as I slowly fall further and further behind in my hockey pool. Sometimes, I forget where I am and only regain a sense of the vastness of this place when I go out on the land and see how small the community looks from a distance in this vast landscape There are days you have experiences that remind me that this place is definitely unique....experiences that I know I could have in no other place. I have seen whales, polar bears, and dog teams. I have eaten caribou, seal, polar bear, muktuk (whale blubber), arctic char and arctic clams. I have also crashed, bashed and rolled my skidoo down more hills than I care to count.

I know that when I first came here I carried a bit of a paternalistic attitude with me.....here was Darcy, come to change Nunavut. What I have come to realize, however, was that it wasn't so much me who changed Nunavut but Nunavut which has changed me.....and for the better.